University of Transport and Communications (UTC) is the largest and the oldest techical state university in transport field in Vietnam. In fact, it founded in around the year 1918 under the French government in Vietnam and was  re-opened under the revolutionary power on November 15th 1945, named then Vietnam College of Public Works under the decree of President Ho Chi Minh and decrees of Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and Ministry of Transport (MOT). It had belonged to the MOT until 1985 and has belonged to the MOET since then.

The University of Transport and Communications – Campus in Ho Chi Minh City (UTC-HCMC Campus), also known as The University of Transport and Communications – Campus II (UTC2), was established on April 27th, 1990 under Decision No. 2419/TCCB by the Minister of Education and Training. Today, UTC-HCMC s is a prestigious research and training institution in the field of transport and communications in Southern Vietnam and it is an inseparable component of the University of Transport and Communications (UTC).

The Campus is a multi-disciplinary establishment with various education programs. The teachers of the campus are trained from various sources. They are highly qualified and experts in management skills, research and teaching experience. This is one of key factors which help the campus promote its position and prestige in the Vietnamese educational system. As such, it has been attracting a great number of graduates, post-graduates and doctorate students. UTC-HCMC now provides various undergraduate programs: full-time, in-service, secondary degree as well as part-time postgraduate programs. The number of students each year at the campus is about 7000.

In nearly the past three decades of building and development, the Campus has achieved a prestigious position in the Vietnamese education system. Many generations of students have been key figures of ministries, boards, regional authorities, enterprises, and other organizations in Vietnam and abroad. This contributes to the socio-economic development, modernization and industrialization of the country. Its training and research programs are highly valued in the field of transport and communications.


University of Transport and Communications - Campus in Ho Chi Minh City

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