The reasons behind the popularity of tourism and travel management

Tourism is the business of hospitality and travel. Whether we are travelers or we are serving travelers’ needs, this exciting and demanding group of visitor services industries touches all of our lives.
The reasons behind the popularity of tourism and travel management

Vietnam has been highly successful at increasing visitor arrivals in recent years and reaping the economic benefits from this booming tourism activity. The country has capitalized on surging global and regional tourism demand, effectively captured market share from its Southeast Asian competitors, and is experiencing record growth in both international and domestic visitors. The spending by these visitors has translated into rising employment and incomes for workers and firms in Vietnam’s tourism sector, including for relatively poorer localities and segments of the population.
Studying and working in Tourism and travel management, you will explore the varied segments of this multifaceted industry. As you learn more about tourism, begin thinking about the future challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for all of these industries and how they may influence your life within five reasons below:

1. The attractive income 

The rapid increase in international visitors to Vietnam has brought a significant net inflow of foreign income into the country. Revenues from international visitor spending have nearly doubled in absolute value from 2013 to 2020 and risen both as a share of Vietnam’s GDP and of total goods and services exports. Outbound tourism spending by Vietnamese residents has also grown robustly during this period, but even after accounting for these tourism “imports”, Vietnam’s travel services balance has remained positive, meaning tourism consistently provides a net inflow of external income to Vietnam.
Accordingly, the development of Tourism and Travel Services Management are providing an attractive salary to people at various positions. Currently, the first salary for those who are working as apprentices and interns is about 10.000.000 VND, depending on the position they are working in. But the real salary can be around 15.000.000 and 20.000.000 VND. For people who hold the position of senior management in hotel or resort, their salary can be at least 30.000.000 VND or more. If you work as a manager in a foreign resort, your salary will range from 10.000 to 15.000 US dollars. The average salary of a tour guide is about 20.000.000 - 25.000.000 VND per month.
This will be one of the most important reasons when you choose a career for the future. Consequently, remuneration is arguably considered the top priority when it comes to the decision to land a job.

2. The overseas opportunities 

  • The tourism sector is an important vehicle for economic growth, job creation and shared prosperity. As a source of foreign investment, tax revenue, and job creation, tourism offers an attractive source of export diversification away from primary and manufactured products. It is a labor-intensive and inclusive sector, which tends to employ more women and youth than most other and creates significant opportunities for people. Through its supply linkages to other sectors, tourism also has strong multiplier effects on the rest of the economy, generating jobs and income opportunities along its value chain. Moreover, tourism can be a tool to develop lagging regions and remote areas where opportunities for industrial development are often limited, thus contributing to increased shared prosperity.

  • Simultaneously, tourism has become a key economic sector, contributing to 10% GDP for the whole country. However, human resources for this industry are currently extremely scarce, the supply is far from the demand, leading to the reality of “Thirst for human resources” with under 20 percent of employees passing formal training courses. The number of workers having a university degree accounts for only 3,11% of the total number of workers at present in the whole country (1 million). It is predicted that by 2025, tourism can create 4 million jobs according to the boom of the tourism industry and because of the obstruction of such area after the virus pandemic, leading to the increasing demand for human resources in this sector. 

3. The Dynamic environment for self-development

  • The service industry in general and the tourism and the travel management in specific are creating an ideal supportive environment, which is suitable for young people who are passionate about exploring, discovering, and learning much knowledge, and the interesting things of nature, history, and humans.

  • This is the environment that is constantly changing to be able to keep up with the trends of the market and the demands of customers. Besides that, those who are always looking for new ideas create the trends for tourism, giving a boost to the tourism development and satisfying the customer’s relevant demands. The “smokeless industry” is one of the environments where you can develop yourself, enrich your knowledge, and sharpen your soft skills.

4. Work for the passion

  • You simply choose a profession because you have a passion for and want to work in it. Nowadays, Tourism and Travel Management is attractive to the young generation. Young people want to live, gain experience, and work with their passion because they want to achieve what they find meaningful and valuable.

  • When we work or study with passion, we will be motivated to overcome difficulties and achieve more success. Therefore, passion has meant a lot to every single one.

5. The chance to travel and experience

  • This aspect can be considered as a characteristic of the tourism industry. When you travel to many places, you can gain new experiences as well as a deep understanding of the local culture of a specific area which is what they cannot find anywhere else.

  • The extensive travel will also help you acquire and develop survival skills, learning to take care of and protect yourself, thereby accumulating more relevant knowledge and gaining more personal experiences. You will become more mature and strong. Besides, it is understanding, sympathy and self-improvement

  • They are all the valid reasons why many young people choose Tourism and Travel Management as a future career for themselves. So, what are you waiting for? Come to the University of Transport and Communications Campus in Ho Chi Minh City to make your dreams come true!

Author: Hoang Van Hao
Editor: Nguyen Van Dung

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