Faculties and Sections

There are 3 faculties and 3 sections at the Campus:

1. Faculty of Civil Engineering

a. Highway and Railway Engineering Division
b. Bridge Engineering and Underground Infrastructure Division
c. Structural Engineering Division
d. Civil Construction and Architecture Division
e. Civil Engineering Fundamentals Division

2. Faculty of Transport and Economics
a. Construction Economics Division
b. Economic Management Division
c. Transport Management Division
d. Finance and Accounting Division

3. Faculty of Basic Sciences
Faculty of Basic Sciences is one of the three long-established faculties of the University of Transport and Communications – Campus in Ho Chi Minh City. We take pride in providing diverse courses in basic sciences, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, foreign languages, political science
and physical education. The Faculty has also been proactive and efficient in its research since it was founded in 1990.
Our staff
includes some of the leading figures in the fields, whose expertise and experience in both teaching and research make their name familiar in prestigious journals and conferences. Our teachers and researchers are delighted to support undergraduate and postgraduate students in their research projects because we heartily believe that they can generate new knowledge that will help improve our lives.

There are 5 sections belong to the Faculty:
a. Political Theory Division
b. Foreign Language Division
c. Mathematics Division
d. Physics and Chemistry Division
e. Physical Education Division

4. Information Technology Division
The Division of Information Technology (DIT) in HCM Campus was established in August 2016 right after the
upgradation of UTC's campus 2 to UTC's branch in HCM city. Before the year 2016, the department was a section of joint department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the Campus 2. DIT takes responsibility of teaching subjects relating to majors such as Communication and Electronic Engineering, Automation and Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. Beside that DIT also takes in charge subjects of application informatics of all others UTC2's majors.
Currently, DIT has 06 lecturers including 05 masters of IT (03 of those are
PhD researchers) and 01 engineer. By pros of young, active and enthusiastic lecturers, DIT has achieved good qualification for years. The lecturers have published about 20 academic papers and valued reports in domestic and international conferences and magazines. A lecturer of DIT was certificated outstanding teachers of Ho Chi Minh City in 2017. There is also a commercial product developed by DIT's lecturers was registered by National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam in 2016.
Under demands of IT human resources of the 4th Industrial Revolution, DIT of UTC’s HCM campus is playing an important role in training and educating missions at present and future.

5. Mechanical Engineering Division
Division of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Transport - Campus in Ho Chi Minh City (UTC-HCMC) was established on April 29th, 2011 based on the Joint Department of Mechanical Engineering since 1993. Department of Mechanical Engineering plays an important role in training workers in areas such as energy and environmental systems, materials, transportation, robotics, manufacturing, and mechatronics systems - many of which are national priorities.

The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UTC-HCMC is to produce students who possess the knowledge and ability to improve, evaluate, design and control technologies, which are safe, sustainable, and cost-effective. The goal is to make innovative and useful contributions to humanity. With this in mind, we seek to enhance both research and education and inspire new generations to create breakthrough solutions to serve all people.
Fields of Study: Mechatronics, Automobile Engineering, Mechanized Construction, Metro

6. Electrical And Electronic Engineering Division
Electrical And Electronic Engineering Division has six sections including Telecommunications, Communications, Traffic Signal, Cybernetics, Electrical Engineering
and Electronic Engineering. Our Section has a good reputation of its education courses in the areas of electricity and electronics.
The Section has over 9
staffs  including 3 Doctors, 5 Masters, and others. There are over 200 full-time undergraduate students, 10 master students and PhD candidates studying there, and also a lot of scientific projects that are being carried out.
Fields of Study:  Electronics and Communication Engineering,  Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Control Engineering and Automation

University of Transport and Communications - Campus in Ho Chi Minh City

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