Mission and Vision

mission n vision

The University of Transport and Communications – Campus in HCMC trains and provides high quality graduates and postgraduates who are creative, proactive, productive and responsible to society and specialize in science, technology and management in transport sector. Scientific research and technology transfer activities in the transport and relevant sectors aims at providing the best benefits to community and soceity.

The University of Transport and Communications - Campus in HCMC strives to become one of the key multi-disciplinary universities under the University of Transport and Communications. It pledges to provide high quality labor resources to meet the demands of the transportation sectors’ development, become the top scientific research and training center in transport section and related fields and meet the requirements of international intergration.

Strategic goal:

  • Becoming a multi-disciplinary university which is research oriented,
  • Establishing powerful research institutes and centres of regional reputation, capable of exporting knowledge and transfering technologies,
  • Ensuring world standard training,
  • Creating proactive and creative educational environment, forming life-long learning consciousness and all-setting adaptability, and
  • Taking social liability, meeting requirements for the national development.

Core values: Pioneer - Quality - Responsibility – Adaption

Pioneering: Always going ahead, catching the development trends in training and scientific research, proactively capturing and solving the challenges of society.

- Quality: Creating high-quality human resources and prestigious scientific and technological products.

Responsibility: For officials, lecturers, students, community, society and internationality.

Adaptation: Innovating according to conditions, time, circumstances to develop day by day.

As a part of UTC, Campus in Ho Chi Minh City aims to train learners to become global citizens, with a national spirit and international responsibility.
Educational activities help learners to develop comprehensively in terms of morality-mind-body-beauty, equipping with core and in-depth knowledge for each individual. UTC-HCMC determines that education must be closely linked with the world's scientific and technological progress, the country's workforce demands and socio-economic development, and the task of protecting and building the country.
The Campus applies a positive educational, hands-on learning approach, creating an environment to help learners build and train a lifelong sense of self-study, the ability to adapt to all circumstances in order to maximize their potential and creativity ability.
The University identifies learners as the center, teachers as the inspirers.


University of Transport and Communications - Campus in Ho Chi Minh City

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