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1. Studying on existing problems and proposing solutions to reduce errors of the quantity take-off in construction works - Dr. Pham Phu Cuong, Trinh Thi Trang

Abstract: Based on summing up practical experience, this paper presents the common errors of the quantity take-off in construction work analyzing the main causes and proposing effective solutions to solve these problems.
Keywords: Quantity take-off, construction work, error, solution.



1. Experiment to determine surplus effects of pre-stressed load to clorua permeation of bridge building concrete with anti-water absorbing additives  - Nguyen Xuan Tung, Dr. Thai Khac Chien, Prof.Dr. Tran The Truyen 

Abstract: This article presents experimental study to analyse the effect of pre-compressive loading on the chloride admixture KM  (Krystol Internal Membrane). This admixture was mixed in concrete with compression resistance of 30MPa for casting specimens. Specimens was pre-compressive loaded at different stress levels in concrete including values of  0,2σmax, 0,4σmax, 0,6σmax, 0,8σmax and 0,9σmax (σmax - peak stress). After reloading, specimens are treated and put into measurement cell for chloride permeability evaluation. The results how significant effect of pre-compressive stress on chloride permeability of concrete, especially when damage appeared.
Keywords: Concrete, chloride permeability, stress, load, preloading, anti-impermeable admixture KIM

2. The research of structure and mechanical properties of nano-silical from the rice husk of south west area  - Tran Huu Hang, Prof.Dr. Le Van Bach

Abstract: In Vietnam the amount of rice husk in the South West Area was enormously exhausting to the environment, to save this issue rice husk is now being recycled and reused to help the economy and the environment. Nano silical is produced from the rice husk in the laboratory. This report represents the importance of the use of nano silical in the quality and structure of mortar it also includes research about how nano silical and technology can be used to solve environmental issue involving the production of concrete.
Keywords: Nano-silica mortar, rice husk ash, Southwestern.

3. Assessing effects of the smooth asphalt concrete pavements to safety of vehicle on movement  - Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Hung, Nguyen Van Du, Nguyen Son Dong

Abstract: On the basis of the relationship between the roughness of road surface and driving mode, the statistical data of road traffic accident and road surface roughness on some arterial roads in the Southern region of Vietnam, this paper reviews the influence of the roughness of asphalt concrete pavement on the safety driving and proposes solutions to ensure the traffic safety on arterial roads.
Keywords: Asphalt, flatness, traffic safety.

4. Effect of pre-compressive stress on chloride permeability of normal and high strength concrete  - Ho Xuan Ba

Abstract: This article presents experimental studies to determine the effect of pre-compressive stress on chloride permeability of normal and high strength concrete used in bridge construction. Concrete for substructure with compressive strength f'c = 30MPa, and concrete for bridge deck with compressive strength f'c = 70MPa. Specimens were loaded the unloaded in pre-peak stage with different stress levels compared to the peak value σmax including values: 0; 0,3σmax; 0,5σmax and 0,8σmax. After that. specimens were treated and put into measure cells to determine chloride permeability. The results show effects of pre-compressive stress on chloride permeability of considered concretes.
Keywords: Concrete, high strength concrete, chloride permeability, stress, load, unload.

5. Research and evaluation on combination of cement and fly ash to improve soil in constructing pavement subgrade in Can Tho  - Dr. Nguyen Duc Trong, Nguyen Thi Ngoc

Abstract: The material resources using in constructing subgrade for pavements are scarce in Mekong Delta area in general and Can Tho region in particular. Thus, it will be practical . Thus, it will be practicaly significant if we can improve the local soil for buiding the pavement structures. This article evaluated the results of research on the combination of cement and fly ash to reinforce soil in pavement construction in Can Tho, The experimental results showed that the adding fly ash content reasonably has more positive effects. The adding inorganic binder content is from 10 to 12 percent, the physical properties of cement-stabilized soil have met the necessary requirements for subbase layer construction.
Keywords: Cement-stabilized soil, fly ash, inorganic binder, reinforce.

6. Monte Carlo simulation for response variability of moment strength of reinforced concrete beams with randomness in material and geometry - Pham Thi Kieu 

Abstract: This paper deal with the response variability of moment strength of reinforced concrete beams by using Monte Carlo simulation. The random variables of compression strength of concrete, yield stress of steel and location of reinforcing bar are investigated. The mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation of moment strength are obtained by Monte Carlo simulation.
Keywords: Response variability, reinforced concrete beams, random variable, Monte Carlo simulation. 


University of Transport and Communications - Campus in Ho Chi Minh City

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