Exchange Sharing Experience in Purchasing in the Field of Logistics

Monday - 27/07/2020 09:42
When you are a transportation business student, and you have many job choices for the future, are you wondering and not sure what to do after graduation? Which requirements of the employer are newly graduated students? What is the prospect of this industry in the future?
Exchange Sharing Experience in Purchasing in the Field of Logistics

On July 4, 2020, the Department of Planning & Transport Management of the University of Transport and Communications - Campus in Ho Chi Minh City held an Exchange Sharing Experience in Purchasing in the Field of Logistics for students who are following major in Transport Exploitation - Logistics Management.
In order to contribute to the program's success, the department has invited Ms. To Thanh Huyen, the purchasing manager for Eurofins Group in Vietnam and Singapore. Graduated from the Asian Institute of Technology, Ms. Huyen was also a former student of course 45th - Urban Planning and Managing the Transport class of the University of Transport and Communications. In addition, the sharing session was attended by Mr. Nguyen Van Dung and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong - both teachers who are currently lecturers of Transport Exploitation and Transport Economics Department in UTC2 with much experience from working at leading companies in logistics.

The meeting is a part that belongs to the series of activities that the University allows students to learn and equip their career skills. Procurement is an indispensable activity in the chain of Logistics and Supply Chain activities, the necessary activities in a company include:

  • Planning to buy

  • Identify the standards

  • Research and supplier selection

  • Value analysis

  • Finance

  • Price negotiation

  • Purchase

  • Supply contract management

  • Control of inventory

  • Payment process

Coming to the meeting, students were introduced to the purchasing profession, organization of purchasing department, how to draft contracts, and apply technology to signing contracts to reduce transportation costs of businesses and environmental protection, purchasing process, necessary skills of the profession.
In addition, students also share the ethics of working in the purchasing profession. With questions to handle the situation between the procurement department in the company and the supply of the goods business, the students and the speakers created an active and fun atmosphere for the exchange.


Ms. Huyen with students of the Department of Economic Transport

Through the exchange show, the students are very confident, active, autonomous, and eager to learn, actively learn about their major.
Thanks Ms. Huyen for sharing her experiences with her students. Her share will help students to have basic preparation when they want to work in their profession of purchase after graduated.

Finally, If you want to find a dynamic, creative, but close, comfortable learning environment, please apply to the University of Transportation in Ho Chi Minh City.
In our university, you will be able to participate in exchange activities to share experiences with the brothers and sisters working at the top businesses. Moreover, the school and teachers are always willing to support and create opportunities for students to have many exchanges and share experiences about the field that students are following.


Editor: Nguyen Van Dung

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