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student life

To have a healthy and useful playground for students, the Campus is very interested in organizing the activities of culture and sports such as: football competitions for students in the dormitory, traditional games, charming female student contest, singing performances. These activities not only enhance the physicals and mind but also bring opportunities for students to be close together and communicate with each other in the same course, in the same majors or from other universities.

Moreover, there are many consulting and supporting activities for students to interact with some enterprises such as: employment fair, soft skill training courses, start-up program, and so on to make sure that students are well-prepared with all things necessary for their job after graduation

Together with studying, the Campus has brought good conditions for students to participate actively in social activities such as: volunteering movements, blood donations, gratitute activities, donations for people in difficult circumtances. Volunteering movements not only bring happiness for children suffering illness, families in difficult circumtances, and families under preferential treatment policy but also help students in skill training and community sharing.


University of Transport and Communications - Campus in Ho Chi Minh City

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